To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Effeminate boys

One of the consequences of having the breakdown of families in society is the production of effeminate boys. Many homes now have single parents living there. The statistics in respect of lone parents families are here.

When you have a situation where husband and wife are together, there are checks and balances as regards to the influence on the children. In particular I am thinking about boys here. The wife is the protector. She is always concerned about making sure her children are well fed and well looked after and do not take any unnecessary risks which will lead to harm. All that is natural and is what a true mother is as constitutionally created by God. However, the father brings a counterbalancing influence. He is the one who will push the boys to take risks. He is the one who pushes them forward into the rough and tumble of life. It is the father who says that a little  bit of dirt and a few bruises will not do the boys any harm.

I fear that the consequence of having lone parent dominated families is that the boys are only getting the influence of the mother at close-quarters. After all, as the statistics show, most lone parent families with dependent children are led by mothers. Accordingly, the toughening-up aspect that the man can bring is missing.

With these consequences in view there is a big responsibility on men who are involved in the lives of such boys who are growing into and through teenage years to provide good influences. I think of this particularly in the church. There is such a need for godly role models for these children. So men in churches need to step up and provide good examples. They need to be pushing the youngsters. They need to be pushing these young men to take responsibility for their lives and be leaders and godly risk-takers.

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