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I am not talking here of illegally disposing of your rubbish, but rather about the custom of giving financial recompense to someone who has provided a service to you. My desire is that tipping would be ditched as a socially mandated practice. Here are some thoughts:

  • I get my car serviced. The man does the job. I pay him for the service; deal done. The electrician comes to fix my electrics. He does the job. I pay him; life moves on. So why is it in a restaurant that there is the moral pressure to pass on some extra cash to the waiter who is after all just doing his job?
  • Recently in a restaurant, I was faced with the card reader telling me to answer “yes” or “no” to whether I wanted to give  a gratuity. Why should I face this? I have gone to your restaurant. You have provided me  with decent food. A man has been paid to serve it. I will pay you very happily for that. So why are you so impertinent as to request some more and put moral pressure on me to acquiesce?
  • So when I say “no”, the waiter starts to wonder if he has dome anything wrong.
  • And then there is the wondering how much you should give. How much is appropriate? How much do they deserve? Hey why such deliberations. Please serve me my food and serve it well and I will pay you. Contract done and all are happy. Why this extra complication with tipping?
  • I give my experience from Malaysia here. The normal experience there is that there is no tipping. So you order your food, have it served and enjoy it. Then you pay the appropriate sum. Everyone is happy.  Oh how freeing this is.
  • And actually a tip does not really show appreciation for service or whatever – it just proves that you have been morally compelled to leave them some money. The risk of not doing so and feeling a social pariah was too much.
  • And if there really was something special about the service, there are other ways of showing your appreciation. Perhaps a note of thanks to the restaurant.
  • And if prices are presently lowered because of the expectancy of tipping, then please put them up. I would much prefer to pay you the money and not have to think about fiddling in my wallet afterwards.

So if I become Prime Minister, I propose a law against tipping!!!???

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  1. Sounds like you’re in negative culture shock.

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