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I do not have any expertise in the creation of web-sites. So I do not make comment on this subject as a technical expert, but simply as an end-user. I want to make a comment on two issues:

  • Complexity. Some web-sites are just too complex. this manifest in two ways
    1. The presentation on the page just looks daunting. Everything just seems to be a jumble of information. Therefore the site is intimidating and does not draw you in to engage with it. Therefore, you are deterred from engaging with the organisation the site represents. This is completely counter-productive for organisations like churches which want to draw people to them.
    2. It means that finding information is made unnecessarily difficult. For example, with a church, if you are looking for the service times, which is a basic piece of information that visitors to a site might be interested in, you want to have it clear immediately upon looking at the site where this information can be found.
  • Out-of-date. To come to a site and find that it has out-of-date information is a big let down and a certain impression is conveyed through this. The image is that of an organisation which has a “cannot be bothered” character to it. It shows an organisation where casualness prevails. An up-to-date website shows that it represents those who are sharp and want to do their best to present everything in the best possible way. It is not a recommendation to the Lord or his gospel to have out-of-date information on a web-site.

I do not begin to say that we as a church at Feltham have the most sophisticated web-site. However, I do hope that it is not too complex and it has up-to-date information. Click here to see it.

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  1. Steve Talas said:

    Well as a Graphic designer by profession, you’re quite right about over complexity, the problem with design today is that so much creative power has been given over to folk with no real understanding of design principles that you do end up with some quite hideous pieces of work. Clean and simple is always your safest approach and I think your’s looks just fine.

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