To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

I am a heretic

The world around us is now dominated by a secular-humanist mindset. People operate without reference to God and consider this to be a healthy approach to life. As a result of this philosophy dominating our society there are certain doctrines which have become sacrosanct. Nobody is allowed any longer to speak against them. And if you take a position which does not conform to the prevailing wisdom you are ostracized and considered a heretic. So I am a heretic. Why am I a heretic? Here are three areas which lead to me being classified as a heretic. :

  • Evolution. I believe in a God who has created all things according to His purpose and plan. The THEORY of evolution has now become accepted dogma. If you take an alternative position you are a heretic. So I am a heretic because I believe in creation.
  • Homosexuality. The accepted dogma now is that homosexual relationships with full physical expression thereof are thoroughly acceptable. I believe that any sexual activity outside of a marriage between one man and a one woman for life is wrong. Homosexual relationships are wrong. So I am a heretic.
  • Child-Care. It is interesting that all the political parties now accept that this is a right for all. The only argument is about how it is arranged and financed. I believe that children at an early age are best in the care of their mother at home. So I am a heretic.

So I am a heretic!!!

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