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Feed My Sheep (The Manner)

Yesterday we concentrated upon the content necessary for feeding the people of God. Today I want to look at the means by which we can makes sure that the people of God can consume the content.

  • Make the Word consumable. this means that we will be labouring with all our might to present our message in such a way that it is digestible for the people. Preaching is not an incoherent “brain dump”. It is rather to be a coherent presentation of the truth of God. So we must have sermons that are easy to follow. There are no marks for seeking to get as many points and sub-points as possible.
  • We must therefore have a good structure to our sermons. We must serve the food in orderly courses and neatly on the plate.  A slap-dash approach will not do.
  • We must be careful in our language. We do not want our Words to confuse people. We want them rather to clearly convey to all the meaning of what God’s Word is saying. A preacher is not there to display the extent of his vocabulary. Rather, he chooses every word to make sure that understanding is given to all in the hearing of the Word. All our words must adid the feeding of the sheep.
  • Be enthusiastic about the food. If you preach in a boring way then the congregation are like to have a “take it or leave it” response to what is served up.
  • Finally make sure you eat the food as well. A restaurateur who eats his own food encourages his client to believe that this must be good food. How much more for us who serve the Word of God. We who serve the Word must make sure we consume the Word

And overarching all that has gone before is the need to pray over the Word and pray over the people. Pray that the Word would be clear and powerful. And pray that the people would have hungry hearts to receive it.

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  1. Nice one, nicely put.

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