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Security and Socialization

It is my assertion from the previous two posts that it is security which largely determines the welfare of a child as they grow into adulthood. A secure child matures well into adulthood and thereby is able to socialize well.

One catastrophe of our age, therefore, is that more and more children are being brought up in unstable situations. Consequently, more and more children are growing up experiencing great insecurity. And ,thereby many are unable to properly socialize.

One significant factor causing this instability is the attack over the last fifty years on the institution of the family. One man and one woman committed together in marriage bring children into the world and bring up those children in a stable secure background. This  is the ideal situation to engender secure children. Sadly, there has been a systematic undermining of the value of “the normal family unit” by the advancing of the legitimacy of all kinds of other relationships. Accordingly,  having children outside of marriage, divorce and remarriage, and same-sex relationships are now situations that proliferate. Regrettably, though, these “new” relationships engender instability for the children being brought up within them.

And the knock-on effects are tragic. Insecure children do not develop properly. So what happens is that you have children who are in so many ways dysfunctional? One manifestation of this dysfunctionality is a lack of identity. Children who are not secure fight for identity. One way to find security and identity is to get into a relationship. This creates a sense of security. This can lead on to all kinds of problems when pressure is put on youngsters to sexually compromise.

Moreover, the gang culture which burgeons in so  many urban areas develops because many find it a place to find security. In the gang there is identity. They have never found it elsewhere. they have never had security in a family. So the leaders and the led in gangs spur each other on  towards violence and other selfish indulgence.

And the consequences are found in so many other areas such as workplaces and churches. Insecure people are found who cannot properly relate to others in a healthy way. And in all this we are reminded that if you depart from the pattern set down by God then the consequences are going to be bad. Oh Lord have mercy.

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