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Mandela – A Christ

No doubt, a great man passed away on December 5th. Nelson Mandela had a profound impact upon, not only South Africa during the latter part of the twentieth century and early part of the twenty-first century, but also the rest of the world during that time. His drive for reconciliation rather than revenge after his release from the prison was truly heroic. As many have said, it saved a nation from Civil War.

But I have to say that the overwhelming response of the media to his death has left me somewhat unsettled. It just seems to be somewhat overdone. Why, upon his death, was the news output saturated by the marking of the passing of this man? Why was it that football matches in the UK were having a minutes appreciation for him this last weekend?

I have concluded tentatively that what unsettles me is the treatment of him as a Christ figure. He is presented in messianic terms. It is almost as if the secular-humanist system needs to have  “success” figures to justify its creed. So here is a man who brought people together. Nothing in the mainstream media mentions anything of the involvement of God. It is all this man. This is all to be expected because secular-humanism by definition is a philosophy which posits the capabilities of man to achieve without reference to God

The media is after all dominated by a liberal agenda. The centre left. politically speaking, dominate and they are in the swoon of a secular humanist mindset which determines to exclude God from the reckoning. Having done that they seek “successes” for their cause. Of course, any sober rational assessment of secular humanism concludes that it has catastrophically failed. Society has rotted under its governance. So Nelson Mandela is one of their “successes” and they thereby glory in him.

It is interesting that Bob Geldof at the Make Poverty History Event in 2005 called Mandela “President of the World”. It is as if the secularist system, with Geldof as one of its saints, enthroned Mandela as the reigning Messiah.

Of course, this all only presents the world in all its anti-Godness. After all, there is only one who is President of the World. His Name is Jesus who is the true Christ; the true Messiah.

As we ponder upon the media’s influence, we conclude that it is they who largely form the opinions of what is “in” and “out” in our world today. And they are dominated by liberal “anti-Godness”. And one day they will find the “Messiah” to surpass all others. He will be the one who they deem as “The One” who will once and for all prove the secular humanist philosophy to be a success.

This man actually is the Anti-Christ.

He will bring peace (see Daniel 8:23-26 and 9;27). He will bring peace to that area of incessant turmoil; the Middle East. And the media will go into a swoon beyond all previous ones. Here is their Christ beyond all others. Mandela is a Christ-figure because of what he achieved in solving the South Africa problem or, to put is another way, the Apartheid problem. But this man will come and “solve” the seemingly intractable Middle East problem. He will enter into a covenant of peace. And all will be thrilled.

But the covenant of peace which he has made will suddenly be broken. In Daniel 9:27 we read He will confirm a covenant with many for one “seven”. In the middle of the “seven” he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.’  The Anti-Christ will break his treaty and set himself up to be worshipped. A period of complete turmoil will then ensue Finally, he will be crushed when the true Christ comes from glory into this world to crush all his enemies.

I write this not to condemn Mandela, but condemn the secular humanist system that venerates him. One day, this system will be smashed and the true Prince of Peace will reign and that will be beautiful.

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