To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Review Your Decision

The acronym DODAR is used in the aviation industry as a standard guide for pilots in how to respond to an emergency situation. Here is what it means:

D – Diagnose (what is the problem)
O – Options (hold, divert, immediate landing etc.)
D – Decide (which option)
A – Act or Assign (carry out selected option and assign tasks)
R – Review (can involve addition of new information, and/or the ongoing result(s) of selected option)

The five-stage approach advocated appears to me to be applicable in the general situations of life. And it is good for all leaders, including church leaders to ponder upon them. The R seems to be a particularly noteworthy part of the process. Leaders must always be brave enough to review their decisions.

In this context, it is interesting to ponder upon the observation that apparently the Kegworth Air Disaster (see here) was due to a failure in the review part of DODAR being applied.

But the review is so important.

  • When the ensuing development of events make it clear that our decision was wrong we must be willing “eat humble pie” and change our decision.
  • Also sometimes the original decision can have been right, but developments thereafter mean that the adopted strategy needs to be changed.
  • The decisions may not have to be fundamentally changed, but over time “tweakings” may be necessary. By so doing we sure we do our best to achieve a good outcome.

To fail to review can have catastrophic consequences. Let us make sure we do review our decisions. This applies in so many spheres of life and most certainly in church.

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