To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

How we listen?

How do you listen to preaching? What do you convey to others by your conduct during the preaching of the Word? If someone looked at you during the preaching of the Word would they know that something important is happening?

Let us remember what is happening when the Bible is being preached. Through the faithful accurate declaring of the Word of God we believe that God is bringing his Word to a group of people gathered together. This is the Word of the Eternal Lord God. So what is your demeanor when this is happening? If someone looked at you, would they immediately know that something big is happening? Some good signs that someone is considering this to be an event of significance are:

  • An open Bible in front of them. They are obviously interested in the Word of God if this is the case.
  • Looking at the preacher. They do not want to be distracted from hearing the words.
  • Not looking around. Someone who is looking around can be very distracting to others.
  • Sitting forward in your seat. This gives the impression of wanting to hear this Word.

All of these emanate from a spirit that is praying for the impact of God’s Word.

If I recollect correctly, I remember hearing how someone was significantly impacted as regards to making progress towards Christ and salvation by how a deacon, in the church they were attending,  listened to the preaching. Could such a thing happen through how you listen to preaching? A disinterested congregation of listeners are no recommendation to the glorious gospel of Christ.

And the preacher will be much encouraged if you are listening well. It is true that good listeners draw preaching out of a preacher. An appreciative nod in the right place can do much to spur the preacher forward in bringing the Word.

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