To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

There are different words used in Scripture which apply to elders. One of them is overseer. The word is self-explanatory; it refers to one who sees over the affairs of the church. Sadly the word has been denuded of its potency because many translations have adopted the word “bishop”.

An elder though is an overseer. But, you can only oversee what you see. One of the indications that someone is an elder is their inclination to be there. What I mean is that someone with an overseeing bent wants to be at the church meetings and activities so that they can actually be aware of what is going on. Those who regularly absent themselves from the meetings of the church cannot really be overseers because they are not seeing what is to be overseen. and  you cannot oversee what you do not see.

At this point, it has to be said that all can’t get to everything. But the man who is an overseer still has this desire to know what is happening. His interest is not intrusive, but it is real.

Moreover , the true overseer will at times put himself out to be there.  He cares enough for the flock and the cause of Christ to want to be there and so he can oversee.

So if you are looking for an overseer in your fellowship, start by thinking of this – is he there to see? For if he is one who does not see, then he is not an overseer.

Comments on: "You can only oversee what you see" (1)

  1. I like this entry. I think it does fairly represent the original language behind the idea of episkopos. The overseer must also oversee the flock when they are not actually all together. This is harder, but some fail even to oversee when the flock is gathered together.

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