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The wonder that I am saved

It is a personal observation, which is confirmed through speaking with others, that very few of the white indigenous population of the British Isles are interested in the gospel of our Lord Jesus. The people who do express an interest are generally those who have recently immigrated to this country. But for the indigenous whites, there seems to be a veil over their eyes and a skin of hardness over their hearts. The indifference is palpable.

It is sad to ponder upon how these islands and the peoples thereof, who were so mightily blessed and used by the Lord in centuries gone-by, are now in such a state of almost universal unbelief.

Then suddenly, I think: I am a native of these islands and a part of this race. And i am saved. How incredible is this! The condemnation of God upon this land and their peoples appears to be demonstrated in the indifference to the gospel of our Lord Jesus. And yet God has had mercy on me. How can it be? I am totally undeserving of this. i am no better than all around me. Oh how the grace of God towards me amazes me. Thanks you Lord for being so kind to me

“Why was I made to hear His voice,
And enter while there’s room;
When thousands make a wretched choice,
And rather starve than come?

Comments on: "The wonder that I am saved" (1)

  1. What sing Goh said:

    That was the Apostle Paul’s own experience. Being rejected by the Jews did not hinder him from reaching out to the Gentiles. Phil, you are sitting on a “gold mine”. Remember the Apostle Paul’s desire was to go the Rome. You are in “Rome” so to say. London is the capital of the world. It is so cosmopolitan. In the 80’s I did not see a single Chinese national. In the 90’s I saw a few in London. Today, there are so many Chinese students in London.
    Many of them are fluent in English and are receptive to the gospel. So campus out reach is a good idea.

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