To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

The hot weather reminds me of the ordeal potentially faced by those waiting in church buildings for the bride to arrive. The date and time have been set. The guests get there suitably be-suited and suitably punctual. But where is the bride.

And as the time passes:

  • the building gets hotter and hotter.
  • the seats get less and less comfortable.
  • the background music becomes more and more annoying.
  • your clothing generates more and more sweat. This is a particular problem for us men who are obliged to have our suits on. The ladies can get away with more climatically appropriate clothing.

And still where is the bride?

So brides out there (and those responsible for chaperoning brides on the day) save us all a lot of pain and get to the church on time. Everybody else manages to do it so why not you brides!

And by the way it is hard to get into singing hymns of praise to our God (which are of course a normal part of the service) when you are having to overcome the frustration from waiting  for the late bride.

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